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12 Mile Rest Area
0 reviews
Pacific Highway, , 2324, New South Wales, Australia

The 12 Mile Rest Area is a popular truck rest area, with plenty of parking and rubbish bins. It's an OK spot for a rest from driving. entrance to the 12 Mile Rest Area 12 Mile Rest Area location map

FacilitiesAmenities Block, Mobile Phone Reception, Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Toilet Access

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6 December, 2019

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NSW. Free Camping, Caravan Parks, Visitor Centres, and Sightseeing

Australia is blessed with many free camping locations across the nation.
And NSW is no exception, we have over 90 free camps listed in our online database.
We also have over 30 Caravan Parks listed.
So finding a place to camp for a nigt or two won't be a problem.
It's also a good idea to pop into a Visitor Centre, to gain an insight into what places are worthy of spending some time.
We  have over 300 Rest Areas listed, but I'm sure there are others that we don't have in our database.
Also we havn't forgotten those of you who travell with pets.
We have over 300 places you can take your dog to legally.

If you know of a place that is not already listed.
You can add it yourself, or ask the admin to do it for you.
This way we an share Australia, with those willing to go and explore it.