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Free Camping is a Real Treat.

The ability to camp where you like, and enjoy your surroundings, is a fundermental privilage for all Australians.
Unfortunately, it is slowly slipping away, because of the actions of a few morons.
These campers, have made free camping in some Australian locations, impossible.
These same individuals, have trashed the very places they camp at.
And wherever they go, you will find a pile of rubbish left behind, and they wonder why the local councils frown upon free camping.

If you see someone dumping rubbish, or acting improperly.

Try to take a photo as evidence (a photo of car rego is really good), "but don't endanger yourself in the process", and alert the local authorities as soon as possible.
By catching these idiots in the act, and supplying photographic evidence will help get them prosecuted, and it will help keep the free camping sites that still exist, remain free to camp, and for all of us to enjoy.
I've seen some really beautiful free camp sites closed down, and you are now forced to camp at Caravan Parks, as a direct result of these morons.

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