World Record Towing a Caravan Jump

World Record Towing a Caravan Jump shown on the Fifth Gear TV Show.

Wow, what a way to destroy a caravan with style, in order to hold a world record.
For those interested, the previous Longest Caravan Jump Record, was held by Australian Ray Baumann, measured at 157 feet 6 inches to where the tow vehicles front wheels first touched down.
The New World Record. is held by an English Stuntman Derek Lee, at 187 feet 8 inches using a BMW as the tow vehicle.

This video below by Fifth Gear, shows just how crazy some Caravan Drivers really are. haha.
Now the Big Question is, who will be mad enough to try and create a new world record, for the longest caravan jump in history. Not Me that’s for sure.

The Video above is from the Fifth Gear YouTube Channel showing the world record jump in full.
P.S. The channel has quite a few videos available, In Fact, over 300 to be more precise.
So this should keep you entertained on a wet winters day or three.

Me personally, I like my old caravan, and have no intentions on destroying it, especially while trying for a world record.
HMMM On Second Thoughts…. Maybe a caravan manufacturer might offer to replace my Old Van, with a New one if I tried the Jump. haha

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