Do you think my tow vehicle is up to spec, or, do I need to invest in a bigger one?

Do you think my tow vehicle is up to spec, or do I need to invest in a bigger one?

This is an often asked, especially when the tow vehicle below is used.

Pleas Note: This is not intended to be a serious Post, just my first one on my brand new site.

Important observations about owning this Tow Vehicle displayed in the Video above:

The Good

  • Cheap to Buy and Repair.
  • Spare parts available in most outback towns.
  • No Heavy, and complicated tools needed to keep it running.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • The chances of getting a Speeding Ticket? Hmmmm NONE!
  • NO REGO NEEDED in all States and Territories of Australia.

The Bad

  • The gear ratio on the model shown in the video above, is 1:1. (Might prove a bit difficult going up hills.)
  • Head winds are a real nightmare (You might end up going backwards if the wind is gusting)
  • No all weather option available, (Extra weight in the caravan, for wet weather gear.)
  • No all wheel drive available in this model.
  • You will need rear view mirrors, as per road rules. (This will cause some directional steering instability, when the mirrors are attached to the handlebar, — P.S. ADDING a bit of Extra Weight to the Tow Ball should fix it)
  • The regulation Bell already fitted, might need to be upgraded to an electric horn. (Extra and unforeseen expense)
  • Braking on a downhill incline, might prove a tad long. (I would suggest the fitting of electric brakes)
  • Night Driving is a Real NO NO (The batteries needed to operate the necessary lights and safety gear, would put you in real danger of being overloaded, on any weigh bridge.)
  • Reversing into parking spots is nearly impossible. (So you can only use drive through locations for your holiday, You Might find a nice Caravan Park Attendant, who will park your van for you.)

One More Important Observation:

I would not recommend choosing any scenic route, which has winding and hilly roads as a feature.
Going uphill would prove quite a strain on the calf muscles, and going down hill, would ultimately require the need to carry extra underwear with you.

Have Fun, and NEVER OVERLOAD your Tow Vehicle.

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