High Pressure Tyre Pump 12volt Thumper MKII

Thumper MKII High Pressure Tyre Pump 12volt.

We all need a good High Pressure Tyre Pump, especially if you intend to go off road in your 4×4 or SUV.

My personal preference is to use 12 volt battery power, as I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for manually pumping up BIG 4×4 Tyre’s.
P.S. I have a High Pressure Hand Pump (and YES I do use it now and then to keep fit) plus an Old Foot Pump that’s long past its use-by date..

The photo below is of my own personal 12 volt high pressure pump I bought online. I also did a video showing it in action pumping up a 4×4 Tyre for those interested.

High Pressure Tyre Pump
A 12 Volt High Pressure Tyre Pump is shown in the photo above.

The Demo Video Below, is my 12v Thumper Air Compressor in action.

The Tyre I used in this video is from a Mitsubishi Pajero 4×4. (For those interested)

I should have had the car motor running for this video, when I was using the 12v pump, (It can drain your battery, if you pump up several Tyre’s in one session) for me, having the car motor running wasn’t necessary, as I had a second vehicle on hand, if I needed a jump start.

The 12v powered High Pressure Pumps, make life so much easier, and really aren’t that expensive to buy. I really recommend them over manual ones, any day of the week.

If you intend to do beach driving, you will need to regulate your Tyre pressures, by lowering them for the sand condition, and then re-inflating them for dirt, and normal on road use. This is a lot of hard work, if you have a hand, or foot operated pump only.

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