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Today I was getting some fuel in a petrol station

How many times have you filled your rig, and never given a second thought as to what might eventuate next?

Today, I really didn’t need to fill up the tank as it was half full. But I decided it would save some time in the morning, as I intend to get a nice early start to avoid some local work traffic traffic, plus some minor road works, that always seem to be operating, no mater what time of the day or I travel.

So I hear you say… So What!

WELL there was no problem getting in and parking next to the fuel bowser,

There was no problem selecting the right fuel.
There was no problem getting the pump nozzle in the filler.
AND there was no problem walking in and paying for the fuel I added to my tug.
WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS… Trying get back on the main road. 

The guy in front of me, decided to reverse his car back into the petrol station, ignoring the fact I was behind him.

I really don’t like reversing, blindly back into an area, where there are things that can explode, if you hit them.


I took a deep breath and decided not to blast the horn.

You would think, if you need to go back into the station because you left something behind, and, you saw a Bloody Great Vehicle behind you, the simplest thing to do is drive out,and re-enter at the other side of the petrol station.

Anyway, that made me wish I had time to get the dash cam working. It would have made a nice YouTube video clip, for educational purposes only.