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World Record Towing a Caravan Jump

World Record Towing a Caravan Jump shown on the Fifth Gear TV Show.

Wow, what a way to destroy a caravan with style, in order to hold a world record.
For those interested, the previous Longest Caravan Jump Record, was held by Australian Ray Baumann, measured at 157 feet 6 inches to where the tow vehicles front wheels first touched down.
The New World Record. is held by an English Stuntman Derek Lee, at 187 feet 8 inches using a BMW as the tow vehicle.

This video below by Fifth Gear, shows just how crazy some Caravan Drivers really are. haha.
Now the Big Question is, who will be mad enough to try and create a new world record, for the longest caravan jump in history. Not Me that’s for sure.

The Video above is from the Fifth Gear YouTube Channel showing the world record jump in full.
P.S. The channel has quite a few videos available, In Fact, over 300 to be more precise.
So this should keep you entertained on a wet winters day or three.

Me personally, I like my old caravan, and have no intentions on destroying it, especially while trying for a world record.
HMMM On Second Thoughts…. Maybe a caravan manufacturer might offer to replace my Old Van, with a New one if I tried the Jump. haha

Today I was getting some fuel in a petrol station

How many times have you filled your rig, and never given a second thought as to what might eventuate next?

Today, I really didn’t need to fill up the tank as it was half full. But I decided it would save some time in the morning, as I intend to get a nice early start to avoid some local work traffic traffic, plus some minor road works, that always seem to be operating, no mater what time of the day or I travel.

So I hear you say… So What!

WELL there was no problem getting in and parking next to the fuel bowser,

There was no problem selecting the right fuel.
There was no problem getting the pump nozzle in the filler.
AND there was no problem walking in and paying for the fuel I added to my tug.
WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS… Trying get back on the main road. 

The guy in front of me, decided to reverse his car back into the petrol station, ignoring the fact I was behind him.

I really don’t like reversing, blindly back into an area, where there are things that can explode, if you hit them.


I took a deep breath and decided not to blast the horn.

You would think, if you need to go back into the station because you left something behind, and, you saw a Bloody Great Vehicle behind you, the simplest thing to do is drive out,and re-enter at the other side of the petrol station.

Anyway, that made me wish I had time to get the dash cam working. It would have made a nice YouTube video clip, for educational purposes only.

Do you think my tow vehicle is up to spec, or, do I need to invest in a bigger one?

Do you think my tow vehicle is up to spec, or do I need to invest in a bigger one?

This is an often asked, especially when the tow vehicle below is used.

Pleas Note: This is not intended to be a serious Post, just my first one on my brand new site.

Important observations about owning this Tow Vehicle displayed in the Video above:

The Good

  • Cheap to Buy and Repair.
  • Spare parts available in most outback towns.
  • No Heavy, and complicated tools needed to keep it running.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • The chances of getting a Speeding Ticket? Hmmmm NONE!
  • NO REGO NEEDED in all States and Territories of Australia.

The Bad

  • The gear ratio on the model shown in the video above, is 1:1. (Might prove a bit difficult going up hills.)
  • Head winds are a real nightmare (You might end up going backwards if the wind is gusting)
  • No all weather option available, (Extra weight in the caravan, for wet weather gear.)
  • No all wheel drive available in this model.
  • You will need rear view mirrors, as per road rules. (This will cause some directional steering instability, when the mirrors are attached to the handlebar, — P.S. ADDING a bit of Extra Weight to the Tow Ball should fix it)
  • The regulation Bell already fitted, might need to be upgraded to an electric horn. (Extra and unforeseen expense)
  • Braking on a downhill incline, might prove a tad long. (I would suggest the fitting of electric brakes)
  • Night Driving is a Real NO NO (The batteries needed to operate the necessary lights and safety gear, would put you in real danger of being overloaded, on any weigh bridge.)
  • Reversing into parking spots is nearly impossible. (So you can only use drive through locations for your holiday, You Might find a nice Caravan Park Attendant, who will park your van for you.)

One More Important Observation:

I would not recommend choosing any scenic route, which has winding and hilly roads as a feature.
Going uphill would prove quite a strain on the calf muscles, and going down hill, would ultimately require the need to carry extra underwear with you.

Have Fun, and NEVER OVERLOAD your Tow Vehicle.

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