Call Me Grumpy if you like.

Now Picture This:

Here I’m driving along, in lightly falling drizzle, on a long straight stretch of multi lane freeway, with nothing behind me.


I’m happily plodding along at 90km an hour, 20km below the posted 110 speed limit, when I come up behind a car in both lanes of the freeway, blocking my path, I normally don’t worry about this, as one of the cars will obviously go faster, allowing me to overtake the other. NO! that was not the case this time, BOTH sat on 70km an hour, and neither sped up, or slowed down for several kilometres, effectively blocking me, and the traffic that was starting to bank up behind me.

NOW COME ON, REALLY: Have these guys ever heard of keeping to the left hand lane, unless overtaking. I Don’t think so.

Sitting on 70km in a 110 zone blocking both lanes, is not what I think is a good thing, I know both drivers┬ácan argue they were not breaking the law, try TELLING THE TRUCKIE BEHIND ME THAT. I’m sure he didn’t mind sitting well below speed limit, waiting for me to pass these wonderful, and very safe Australian Drivers.

Eventually the driver in front of me must have woken up from his power nap, and did slowly pull away, leaving a big enough gap for me to pull into the left lane,

P.S. THE TRUCKIE that was following me, did get mighty close to the rear of this guy’s car, and the car driver moved into my lane very fast.

So here I am, expecting to have to wait my turn for the traffic buildup to pass, so I can get around this guy.

That was not to be the case, it seems the vehicles overtaking him at speed, must have somehow kicked his accelerator down, and he left me in his dust. (He was moving into the distncequite fast)

So I happily got back up to my comfortable 90km, and not slowing any vehicles behind me. I really would like to know what the Truck driver was thinking:

  • Caravan going too slow, and should move over
  • OR,….
  • BLOODY CAR DRIVER, I’ll Run You Off the Road . haha
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