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Wheel Clamps are an Aid to Deter Thieves

Wheel Clamps to Deter Thieves

Wheel Clamps offer a visual aid to let would be thieves know its going to be rather difficult, to pinch you van.
So the brighter colour they are the better.

Hmm. I wonder if they make them with a glow in the dark paint job?

I once owned a cheap wheel clamp, similar to the one below, and I was not impressed with it at all.

Cheap Wheel Clamp
Cheap Wheel Clamp


My Cheap Chinese Wheel Clamp looked great, but it was constructed of a very thin metal, and was in reality, next to useless for the job at hand. (BUT it did look pretty on the van)

NOW for my Reality Call.

I forgot one day I had it clamped on the wheel of my caravan, and I started to drive off with it still attached to my van.
This cheap lock, simply crumbled, and fell apart.
So if you wanted to steal any van, or trailer using this cheap lock, you simply drive with it still attached to the wheel, and it will crumble and drop off.

You will hardly notice it was attached, apart from a small bump while driving when it drops off.

If only I had a camera at the time, I would have taken a video to show easily this cheap lock fell apart. (Don’t waste your money and buy a cheap one.)
The only good thing about this heap of junk, is it did no damage to my caravan, not a single scratch.

So needless to say, I have not bothered getting another cheap Chinese one to replace it.

I may buy a better one later, but not really sure just yet.

I do advise placing a cheap mobile phone with GPS hidden inside your van as additional security.
There are several cheap mobile plans that last for one year, and if your caravan did get stolen there is a very good chance of tracking and finding it.

Wheel Clamps are a Visual Deterrent
Wheel Clamps are a Visual Aid, to let thieves know this will be harder to steal, as well as a physical Deterrent to the process of nicking your van or trailer.

I strongly advise you based on my personal experience with a cheap wheel clamp.

Save yourself a headache in the making: pay a bit more, and get a heavy duty wheel clamp, from a reputable manufacturer.

High Pressure Tyre Pump 12volt Thumper MKII

Thumper MKII High Pressure Tyre Pump 12volt.

We all need a good High Pressure Tyre Pump, especially if you intend to go off road in your 4×4 or SUV.

My personal preference is to use 12 volt battery power, as I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for manually pumping up BIG 4×4 Tyre’s.
P.S. I have a High Pressure Hand Pump (and YES I do use it now and then to keep fit) plus an Old Foot Pump that’s long past its use-by date..

The photo below is of my own personal 12 volt high pressure pump I bought online. I also did a video showing it in action pumping up a 4×4 Tyre for those interested.

High Pressure Tyre Pump
A 12 Volt High Pressure Tyre Pump is shown in the photo above.

The Demo Video Below, is my 12v Thumper Air Compressor in action.

The Tyre I used in this video is from a Mitsubishi Pajero 4×4. (For those interested)

I should have had the car motor running for this video, when I was using the 12v pump, (It can drain your battery, if you pump up several Tyre’s in one session) for me, having the car motor running wasn’t necessary, as I had a second vehicle on hand, if I needed a jump start.

The 12v powered High Pressure Pumps, make life so much easier, and really aren’t that expensive to buy. I really recommend them over manual ones, any day of the week.

If you intend to do beach driving, you will need to regulate your Tyre pressures, by lowering them for the sand condition, and then re-inflating them for dirt, and normal on road use. This is a lot of hard work, if you have a hand, or foot operated pump only.

My Website has been offline for Five Days.

Why cant things go right for me the first time.

We changed our service provider twic,e in less than a week, and reset the name servers accordingly, then something went wrong.
My Blog was no longer visible, I contacted our domain name provider, and they said all was right their end.

It has taken us 5 days to convince them, my site isn’t view-able online.

My Website small snapshot above

They finally accepted what we were saying, after my domain name was parked, and it was pointing to the wrong server.
They kindly reset their end, and guess what” IT WAS STILL WRONG.

More emails and more frustration, they had another look at it, and did something their end, and my site was correctly pointing to their Parked Domain Page. WooHoo

So we pointed the name servers once again to my site, it this time it took only a few minutes and my site was correctly propagating on the Internet, and I’m now back online, after 5 days of waiting. (I wonder if I should be GRUMPY)

Anyway I convinced the other half to pop a link from his website to mine.

Feel free to comment below.

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Australian Census Missed the Date Letter

I just received an Australian Census Missed the Date Letter.

What the….


Now it seems this onlibne system has another major hiccup. (How many of you are in the same boat as me.?)

On Census night, I filled in the online form using one of the supplied codes.
I didn’t log out of the Census website, and log back into it with the secondary resident code.
Why would you need to? The first form allows for multiple people, but it now seems the system doesn’t recognize that.

So now what happens?

  • Do I get another follow up letter, asking me to complete the Census.
  • Do I ignore it, knowing its already been done?
  • Should I simply fill it out and and say nothing?
  • Perhaps I should simply wait for the fine and then point out I have already completed my obligation and laugh at all this bureaucratic nonsense?
Australian Census Reminder Letter
Small Extract of my Australian Census Reminder Letter

The funny part about all of this, is I really didn’t want to fill the form in anyway, and in a quirk of fate, my original thought about this new cattle muster OOOPPPS  I mean Census, seems to be correct.
You are now all carrying a hidden micro chip with you, its called a failed Australia Card. (All possible information about you shared between government agency’s)
Now, do I have an official record about my private life, with an addendum on it saying late Census form filler? haha.

As another side note:
I know of a couple, who are still waiting for the original pin numbers, so they can complete the Compulsory Australian Census Form.
Do they get a fine, for not completing the Census on the night?

So many decisions, Its really a big mess that someone should loose there highly paid government position for. (Do you agree?)

Or am I being paranoid and a cynic at the same time?

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Well: the 2016 Australian Census has been already been hacked

Australian 2016 Census hacked?

Or was it?

According to our Minister, Michael McCormack, who is in charge of the Census (Flop) I mean Slight Hiccup said due to a ddos attack from another friendly country. or was it a foreign government hacking agency? The online form was taken down for a short time.

Well whoever they were, they proved what I already thought about this New Online Census System.

I’m not against using the internet as a way of gathering information, BUT I AM AGAINST THE NEW INFORMATION RETENTION Law that has been put in place by the Australian government. I’m sure I didn’t vote for this change in the recent elections.

This Minor hack, or ddos that inconvenienced all our Australian Populous, stands as a warning as to how insecure, any database connected to the internet, really is.

Australian Census Online Form
Australian Census Online Form

Australian Census Online Form

Personally I didn’t like the new questions that were added in the Census form, nor do I believe the Australian Government intentions with what they will do with all the information gathered. and why signal out Torres Island indigenous people in this online form. And why is the Government interested in my father and mothers nationality?

Why not ask: What type of toilet paper I use, and how often I need to re-supply the cupboard with it, and while were on a roll (ha ha), which grocery chain I buy the paper from, and how much I pay for it.

I mean, what is the next set of questions on the Census going to entail.
What may seem irrelevant today, will eventually add up to a complete dossier on you. your lifestyle and family habits.

What happens if, and when, a question is added along the lines of:
Health: Do you or your family suffer from this disease, or have had these symptoms in the past.
To me, its like a hidden agenda, supplying information for the Australia Card, Or should I say Drivers License!

Information is now going to be shared more readily, amongst the various government departments.
Our freedom is slowly being taken away a small piece at a time.

Read what the has to say about it.

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