Australian Census Missed the Date Letter

I just received an Australian Census Missed the Date Letter.

What the….


Now it seems this onlibne system has another major hiccup. (How many of you are in the same boat as me.?)

On Census night, I filled in the online form using one of the supplied codes.
I didn’t log out of the Census website, and log back into it with the secondary resident code.
Why would you need to? The first form allows for multiple people, but it now seems the system doesn’t recognize that.

So now what happens?

  • Do I get another follow up letter, asking me to complete the Census.
  • Do I ignore it, knowing its already been done?
  • Should I simply fill it out and and say nothing?
  • Perhaps I should simply wait for the fine and then point out I have already completed my obligation and laugh at all this bureaucratic nonsense?
Australian Census Reminder Letter
Small Extract of my Australian Census Reminder Letter

The funny part about all of this, is I really didn’t want to fill the form in anyway, and in a quirk of fate, my original thought about this new cattle muster OOOPPPS  I mean Census, seems to be correct.
You are now all carrying a hidden micro chip with you, its called a failed Australia Card. (All possible information about you shared between government agency’s)
Now, do I have an official record about my private life, with an addendum on it saying late Census form filler? haha.

As another side note:
I know of a couple, who are still waiting for the original pin numbers, so they can complete the Compulsory Australian Census Form.
Do they get a fine, for not completing the Census on the night?

So many decisions, Its really a big mess that someone should loose there highly paid government position for. (Do you agree?)

Or am I being paranoid and a cynic at the same time?

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One thought on “Australian Census Missed the Date Letter”

  1. Sure enough I got the Census lady at my doorstep asking me why I didn’t complete the online census form.
    I told her to pull up my details and check for herself. I DID
    anyway my name is now been placed in the YES I DID FILL in Forms section.
    P.S. She was very friendly, professional and I had no problems with her.

    This new IMPROVED SYSTEM really should be put to rest.

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